Leonardo Cruz Alvarado

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Óscar Leonardo Cruz Alvarado (Calú Cruz) was born in Tuetal Sur, Alajuela, Costa Rica in 1987.

Leonardo Cruz Alvarado is a narrator, a poet, a teacher and a cultural manager.

He is the president and the coordinator of the Collective Cultural Birlocha and the Literary Birlocha, both taking place in Orotina. 

Oscar Cruz is the coordinator of the World Hispanic Union in the province of Alajuela.

He has, currently, been appointed as the Executive Coordinator, the Itinerant Cultural Ambassador and the Collegiate Emeritus Ambassador by the Latin American Confederation of Writers, Artists and Poets of the world (CONLEAM, in Spanish) whose headquarter is in Argentina.

He won the first place in the Brunca Contest in 2021, story category.

He organizes the Luis Ferrero Acosta Literary Contest and he has written four storybooks: Cuentos de mamá muerte (2012) «Tales of mother death», La corrosion de los entes (2016) «The corrotion of the entities», El eco de los durmientes (2018) «The echo of the sleepers» and  La sociedad de las moscas (2021) «The society of flies».

Calú has participated in the anthologies “Via 28” and “New Costa Rican Poetry” and has been part of many lectures and international artistic expressions from the USA, France, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua and Central America.

His literary works have been for sale on Americans, Nicaraguans and Uruguayans shelves as well as in the most important bookstores in Costa Rica.

Besides, Costa Rica chose Calú as the coordinator of the Central American Bicentennial  Anthology, Editorial Ayame Mexico, 2021.