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Dimitris P. Kraniotis.

Dimitris P. Kraniotis (Greek: Δημήτρης Π Κρανιώτης; born 1966) is a contemporary Greek poet.


D. P. Kraniotis (b. 15 July 1966).[1][2] was born in Larissa prefecture in central Greece and grew up in Stomio (Larissa). He studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece). He lives and works as internal medicine specialist physician in Larissa (Greece).

He is the author[3][4][5] of 9 poetry books in 6 languages (Greek, English, French, Romanian, Albanian, Italian) and the Editor-in-chief of an international anthology in English (205 poets from 65 countries).

He has participated in several International Poetry Festivals.[6][7] His poetry has been translated into 25 languages (English,[8][9][10][11][12][13] French,[14][15] Polish,[16] Czech,[17] Spanish,[18][19] Turkish,[20] Bulgarian,[21] Romanian, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Slovak, Macedonian, Persian, Bengali, Vietnamese, Gujarati, etc.) and published in many countries around the World.

In 2011 the 22nd World Congress of Poets took place in Larissa, Greece.[22] with D. P. Kraniotis as president. He also founded the 1st Mediterranean Poetry Festival in Larissa. He is member of several literary organizations (National Society of Greek Literary Writers, Hellenic Literary Society, Hellenic Society of Writing Physicians, World Poetry Movement, World Poets Society, United Poets Laureate International, Poetas del Mundo, etc.). Also he is the editor of the Greek poetry magazine "Poetics @ GR" (Τετράδιο Ποίησης)[23]

In 2024 he was admitted to the Academy of WikiPoesia.


  • Ίχνη ("Traces") Larissa, Greece 1985[24][25][26][27][28] Greek
  • Πήλινα πρόσωπα ("Clay faces") Larissa, Greece 1992[29][30] Greek
  • Νοητή γραμμή ("Fictitious line") Emm. Lavdakis, Larissa, Greece 2005 [31][32][33] Greek - English and French translation
  • Dunes-Dune ("Dunes") Orient Occident, Bucharest, Romania 2007 [34][35] French and Romanian translation
  • Ενδόγραμμα ("Endogram") Malliaris Paedia, Thessaloniki, Greece 2010 [36][37][38][39][40] Greek
  • Edda ("Edda") Orient Occident, Bucharest, Romania 2010 [41] French and Romanian translation
  • Iluzione ("Illusions") Rawex Coms, Bucharest, Romania 2010, [42] Albanian translation
  • World Poetry 2011 (Anthology) United Poets Laureate International, Larissa, Greece 2011 [43] English
  • Foglie vocali ("Leaves vowels") Pluriversum Edizioni, Ferrara, Italy 2017 [44] Italian translation
  • Γραβάτα δημοσίας αιδούς ("Tie of public decency") Kedros, Athens, Greece 2018 [45][46][47][48][49] Greek


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