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Template:Interlanguagelink:en The "Carmelina de Marco International Literary Prize was founded in 2021 and is organized by ACIS (Cultural Association for Sicilian Identity).


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2022 Flavio Provini


Art. 1 - Object of the competition

The ACIS (Cultural Association for Sicilian Identity) organizes, within the "Sikula Book Festival", the "Carmelina de Marco" International Literary Prize.

The aim of the competition, in addition to enhancing the culture of creative writing, to offer valid incentives to reading, finally to contribute to the discovery of new talents and to stimulate already established authors to be present with their works in order to create a 'further opportunity to spread the importance of writing and literary culture in our country, and to make the figure of Carmelina de Marco known.

Carmelina De Marco was a heroic woman of great human virtues. Example of courage, sacrifice and generosity. She underwent open heart surgery twice, still in her early days, for the replacement of heart valves that allowed her to live up to 36 years. A young empedoclina, who sacrificed her life as a pioneer in the experimental studies in world of the history in the field of cardiac surgery.

Art. 2 - Recipients

a) Participation is freely allowed to all adults

b) The works (see art. 4) must be unpublished, therefore they are stories of a maximum of 8 pages never published in paper form, in ebooks or on web portals, wattpads and the like. The stories already published in anthologies and proposed with different titles are not unpublished, on pain of disqualification of the work here too. The reason for the disqualification will be made known to the participant on the Facebook page.

Art. 3 - Sections of the competition and methods of participation

1. The competition is divided into two sections:

A - Poetry (unpublished lyric and never published on the subject: "The courage to risk" in Italian or foreign language with its mandatory translation, maximum length 1000 characters including spaces)

B - Narrative (thematic short story: "The courage to risk", unpublished and never published, "in Italian or foreign language with its mandatory translation, maximum content of eight pages (1,800 characters per page). will be accepted (therefore max 15,000 characters-spaces included, under penalty of disqualification of the paper);

2. Each competitor can participate with only one work per section and alternatively also in the two sections by paying the relative fees.

3. For works in a foreign language, the translation in Italian must be enclosed.

4. All pages must be numbered.

5. The paper must be presented on A4 sheets, font size 12 (preferably in the Ariel or Times New Roman font).

6. Works that present racist, disparaging, blasphemous or incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination of any kind will not be accepted.

7. For participation there is a contribution for organizational expenses of € 20.00. This contribution will also allow the printing of an anthology with a regular ISBN code published by a highly respected publishing house, of which a copy will be given to each participant. The payment must be made simultaneously with the shipment of the works to the c / c of the Cultural Association for Sicilian Identity - IBAN Code: IT 86 V 07601 16900 001047506975 with the following reason: "Contribution to organizational expenses of the Carmelina de Marco International Literary Prize"

8. Anyone wishing to participate in the two sections will pay € 30.00, receiving only a copy of the anthology.

9. Anyone wishing to purchase other copies must promptly notify the organizing committee at a cost of € 10.00 per copy.

Art. 4 - Eligibility:

a) The stories and poems must be absolutely unpublished, or never published or disclosed either in paper form or on the web (social networks, personal or private sites), or on other media, as well as never awarded, classified, mentioned, reported in other Awards and Contests, under penalty of exclusion.

b) Handwritten works will not be considered.

Art. 5 - Terms of participation

The deadline for submitting the works is January 31, 2022.

The works that arrive after the deadlines indicated above will not be taken into consideration. Will make

the date of electronic submission or postmark is authentic.

Art. 6 - Shipping methods and documentation

1. The works must be sent in electronic format and must not have particular formatting, a simple .pdf or .doc with standard formatting is preferable and must be sent to the following e-mail addresses: sikulabook@libero.it or ircam27 @ hotmail. com

2. For those who have difficulty sending them in electronic format, they can send them by post or courier to the following address: Prof. Giacomo Trova, Via Canale Torto 245 - 95024 Acireale (CT). In this regard, the date of the postmark in the envelope affixed by the Post Office or by the accepting Courier will be valid. The organizing Association will not be liable for any errors or delays or other events that may prevent the regular receipt of the works within the prescribed time limits.

3. At the same time as the work sent to participate in the competition, the following documents must be attached:

a. Completed and signed participation form (attached here at the end of the announcement); b. 1 copy of the identity document of the person signing the application form

Art. 7 - Technical Jury

The works received will be judged by a technical jury, whose composition will remain secret for the protection of the participants and revealed only during the award ceremony and whose judgment is final and unappealable.

Art. 8 - Selection, evaluation of the works, nomination of finalists and award ceremony.

a) The evaluation of the works for the awarding of prizes for each section and category will take place through three phases, namely:

Phase 1: Assessment of requirements. The Award secretariat will verify the requirements of the competition announcement to determine admission. If the works and participation forms do not comply, the work will be excluded from the competition. The competitor will be informed on Facebook of the exclusion and the related motivation.

Phase 2: Ranking. After verifying the existence of the formal requirements, the admitted works will be delivered to the Technical Jury, which will determine a ranking for each

section and category. The Jury will evaluate the submissions received by assigning each a maximum score of 20 on the basis of the following criteria:

- Form: clarity of presentation, linguistic competence and formal correctness;

- Content: originality of the content and relevance to the theme of the competition;

- Communication: ability to convey emotions and expressive originality.

It should be noted that even in sixtieths there could be ex-aequo.

Phase 3: Award ceremony during which the following prizes will be awarded: 1° - Award for POESIA “CARMELINA de MARCO”

1st Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

2nd Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

3rd Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

2° - Award for NARRATORE “CARMELINA de MARCO” 1st Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

2nd Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

3rd Prize: Plaque + Motivation in parchment paper

b) The Jury will also assign Mentions to the authors who, although not classified on the podium of the first three places, will be awarded the merit of the elaborate, the linguistic style, the plot and the emotion transmitted.

c) All participants will receive a certificate of participation which will be sent by e-mail.

d) The works presented in the competition will not be returned.

e) The list of finalist works in the two Sections will be published on 20 March 2022 on the website page: www. sikulabook.wixsite.com/festival and on the related Facebook page, strictly in alphabetical order of the surname of the participants and without mentioning their position. The ranking assigned to the individual Finalists will be announced only during the award ceremony.

The award ceremony will take place on 4 June 2022 in a splendid location in Milazzo (ME) starting at 6 pm, followed by a rich aperitif served at the tables.

Attention: joining the aperitif is optional, but reservations must be made by April 10, 2022, giving certainty to the following e-mail addresses: sikulabook@libero.it or ircam27@hotmail.com

Art. 9 - Information and communications

For possible ongoing communications, please periodically consult the site:

www. Sikulabook.wixsite.com/festival

For any information you can contact the Award secretariat at one of the following addresses: sikulabook@libero.it, ircam27@hotmail.com, or at the following telephone numbers: 389 6308588 - 380 2837274

Since the award ceremony will be held in Milazzo (ME), for all those who want to stay, the Association will report on its website www. Sikulabook.wixsite.com/festival

of B & Bs or affiliated hotels.

Art. 10 - Acceptance of the Regulations

Participation in the Prize implies full and unconditional acceptance of these regulations and grants the disclosure of one's name, surname and any photos taken during the award ceremony in any international publication and / or magazine. If the artist wishes not to be published, he must STRICTLY DENY the consent on the application form by ticking the appropriate "denial of disclosure". The Organization, through this membership, implicitly acquires the right to publish ALL the compositions participating in the Competition in the provided anthology.

The ACIS Cultural Association does NOT assume any responsibility for any plagiarism or illegal use of the works presented in the "International Literary Prize - Carmelina de Marco" Competition

Art. 11 - Information pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03.

The data controller is ACIS based in Aci S. Antonio (CT) - Via Giovanni Meli, 31. Pursuant to law 675/96, the addresses and data of the participants will be used only for communications regarding the competition. By writing to the data controller, you can exercise the right referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 (updating, rectification, cancellation, opposition).

Until the list of the Finalists of the two Sections is drawn up, only the ACIS Holder and the Members of the Commissions will be aware of the data of the participants.

Art. 12 - Reserve

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to these regulations, without prejudice to the aims of the Prize.

Art. 13 - Prizes and awards not collected

The Finalists, the Prize Winners and the Award Winners will be invited to the awards ceremony. In case of unavailability of any of the finalists, the prize can be withdrawn by a delegate of his choice after informing the competition secretariat. Alternatively, at the request of the interested party, the acknowledgment received will be sent to the address indicated in the registration form at the participant's expense.

The prizes, however, not collected and / or sent to the applicant's address, will remain available at the ACIS headquarters.

Art. 14 - Jurisdiction

In the event of disputes, the competent court is that of Catania - Aci S. Antonio, 07/19/2021

The Technical-Artistic Director The President of ACIS Dr. Giovanni Macrì Prof. Giacomo Trovato



I, the undersigned____________________ born in ____________ (_____) on _________resident in _______________ O9KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKI 9Postal Code__________ (_____) Street __________________________n. _____

Telephone number ________________ e-mail ______________________


of participation in the "Carmelina de Marco" International Literary Prize in the following section (s):

Poetry Section

Short story section To this motive


to be present personally, or with a delegate of her, at the Award Ceremony to be held on 4 June 2021 in Milazzo (ME)


to fully accept the rules of the "Carmelina de Marco" International Literary Prize Regulations

that the work for which participation in the Competition is requested entitled: ______________________________________________________

it is unpublished, it has not participated in other competitions and of course it is not a winner of other literary prizes and has never been published on any platform or anthology


pursuant to law no. 196 of 2003 (Privacy) to the processing of data for institutional purposes, as established by the Regulations of the Literary Award.

DO or I DO NOT give my consent to the use of the name and surname or any photo shoot of the author participant for the sole purpose of the competition (check the will expressed, agreeing to give your consent if not strictly specified)

Note: ___________________________________________________________ Signature and Date________________________________

N.B. The declaration (see art.6, paragraph 3) must be accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document of the subscriber (or other equivalent identification document pursuant to art.35 paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree 445/2000) -


  1. Concesso in data 13 settembre 2021.