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Michele Scaciga, President of WikiPoesia

WikiPoesia is an encyclopedia of poetry awards.

Free of charge, Free, Public and Independent.

WikiPoesia is described in newspapers as "The Poetry Wikipedia".

In more detail WikiPoesia contains:

  • 500 poetry awards
  • 120 contemporary poets
  • 100 poems already awarded

The encyclopedic entries are freely available and there are neither editorial sponsorships nor merchandise.

The poetry prizes are inserted free of charge by the volunteers, oriented towards communicative forms of respect and courtesy. WikiPoesia offers its cultural patronage (with greater visibility) to the poetry prizes that request it. Patronage is not a clearance or a quality mark, it is a symbol of mutual trust and collaboration.

WikiPoesia draws up the ranking of the most awarded poets in Italy by assigning a score to the various literary prizes, and works to enhance both the contemporary poets that win and the sponsored prizes.

In the Italian literary reality of the Third Sector, in the context of contemporary poetry, WikiPoesia represents the largest interconnected network (40 literary awards) and the only semantic poetic encyclopedia in the world.

There is no obligation to join WikiPoesia to help improve it and although it may seem complete, reality warns us that WikiPoesia is able to describe only a small part of the Italian literary reality (just think of the Off-Line one).

WikiPoesia is accredited by the Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization (Paola Pisano) within the Digital Republic program.

Since it was born, according to data provided by Google, the encyclopedia has doubled its visibility every three months, reaching 45,000 individual consultations and over one million and one hundred thousand impressions on an annual basis.