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Prof. Dr. Hem Nath Paudel

Prof. Dr. Hem Nath Paudel is currently Member of Academic Council at Nepal Academy and heads its Department of Literature (Poetry).

After completing MA degree in Nepali literature Prof. Paudel earned PhD degree. He is professor and previously was Chairman of Compulsory Nepali Subject Committee at Tribhuvan University and also was Subject Committee Member of Nepali subject at Higher Secondary Education Board. He published two dozens of books on literary criticism and essay and several textbooks for different levels. In addition, he produced several books and edited a large number of magazines and journals. His significant contributions include more than 150 books in different fields such as Nepali language, literature, politics, culture and so on. Devoted to academic profession for more than three decades Prof. Paudel has established himself as an efficient teacher, a skilled manager and a lucid spokesperson.  He has been decorated with several medals and awards for his seminal academic contributions.

He received the title of Honorary President of WikiPoesia representing for WikiPosia the work of Nepal Academy for Poetry (Nepal Poem Festival Award) in 2020.

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